SUNLIKE applications

The FUTURELED Team is proud of its experienced and skilled engineering team and our efficient production technology – concerning performance, quality and punctuality. To keep our high standard of quality we constantly crosscheck the ever-growing market for LED technology. Our technicians have successfully been dealing with lighting technology, semiconductor technology, optics, thermal management, power managment, electronic design and software development.

SUNLIKE automotive

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In everyday life automobiles are exposed to nature’s destructive forces such as sunlight. SUNlike enables you to test if and how your products last outdoor under the forces of nature. As the spectrum of SUNlike closly matches the sunlight spectrum you can find out how materials react to a (permanent) exposure of sunlight.


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SUNlike was designed according to IEC 60904 and rated AAA. Cell testing is indispensable in photovoltaic industry and SUNlike is able to supply an AM1.5 spectrum with up to 35 spectral bands to match the final application. This artificial sunlight can be triggered – depending on PV technology and measurement – with flash times between 5 ms and steady state on the same system.

SUNLIKE medical

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SUNlike creates a high quality light with broad continues spectrum, high power levels and extremly high CRI. The platform offers a spectral range from 350 to 1100 nm and an intensity up to 2500 W/m². The spectral range can be extended up to 1700 nm. SUNlike is the perfect choice  for testing the reaction and resistance of pharmaceutical substances or drugs or to light as a stimuli for the physiological conditions.

SUNLIKE plant growing

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Light to grow plants is already common. Yet to define the best recipes for your plants and growth phase a light source close to the sun helps to find the right conditions. The illumination should not only support photosynthesis but also provide trigger wavelength to the organism to develop the required properties.

The wide spectrum of SUNlike and the vast modification options to the light possible make it a versatile light source.

SUNLIKE waethering

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SUNlike can be of great help testing your material's durability and reaction to sunlight exposure. SUNlike can be set to simulate any spectrum based on geographical and weather conditions as well as any day time.