With the SUN as the energy source on earth sunlight is dominant in many aspects in our life. The SUNlike technology by FUTURELED has been created to replicate this light to be used in any applications where interaction on daylight is a key element.

As an artificial light source it the perfect laboratory and testing light due to its repeatability and close match of the SUN. By its composition of many different LED the possibility to change the light characteristics in power and spectrum is an inherent feature of SUNlike technology.

Key applications a photovoltaic measurements, material testing, cosmetic testing, plant research, human eye studies and many others. 



  • SUNlike TEST has a light area of 100x100mm (100cm²)
  • SUNlike CELL has a light area of 200x250mm (500cm²)
  • SUNlike XL offers light areas starting at  500x500mm (2500 cm²) on request
  • SUNlike OEM solutions can be created on request

SUNLIKE quality

Main Characteristics

  • A+A+A+-class accuracy sunlight
  • Steady-state and long pulse illumination
  • EQE Measurment

Accurate Lighting

  • AAA-rating according to IEC 60904
  • Spectral match: class A,
  • Uniformity: class A,
  • Stability: class A,

Easy to integrate in Lab and Production

  • Compact and turn-key system
  • longevity with more than 700.000.000 flahes (flash 50ms)
  • Testing of all next generation PV cell types