Solar SUNLIKE products


The latest version of SUNlike was set-up to match and challenge conventional sun simulators in the photovoltaic solar industries. To bring the advantages of LED technologies into and match the requirement of the solar world FUTURELED is offering the best technology.
As it is indispensable in photovoltaic industry SUNlike is able to supply an AM1.5 spectrum with up to 35 spectral bands. This artificial sunlight can be triggered – depending on pv technology and measurement – with flash times between 1 ms and steady state on the same system.
The high quality light provided by SUNlike-LED surpasses every other light created by a comparable solar simulator. The improved homogeneity of the light is another benefit of the new SUNlike-LED.
Essential advantages of the SUNlike-LED technology are the omission of thermal load and the required expansion of the usable spectral range. Also SUNlike provides a much better energy efficiency and longevity than conventional lighting fixtures.