FUTURELED presented its brand Phytotronic in Eindhoven

von Oliver Arnold (Kommentare: 0)

Latest Products of Phytotronic recieved an overwhelming attention in Eindhoven at HLC2017

The conference consisted of high calls speakers from industry and research as well as state of the art light manufacturer for horticulture applications. Phytotronic displayed the EVO-Rack, a comprehensive system for high class research on either plants or the effects of light on plants.  The SUNlike technology impressed quite a few visitors as a unique solution. Creating recipes becomes a lot easier, research can leverage more control over their experiments.

With over 250 attendees and 25 exhibitors it was a great event that took place the first time in Europe. We are delighted that we were able to participate. Thanks to the fantastic presentations we heard a lot about new trends in research, knowledge and plans of the industry to move on with horticulture lighting with LED lamps.